Hi, it’s me, Dana!

Hi!! This is Dana M Osburn (they/them), and I’m an independent artist, writer, director and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m on a journey to work with passionate people on ambitious projects!

In 2021, I traveled to Dayton, WY to be an artist in residence at the Tongue River Artist Residency, where I completed production on two short films and a million more GBs of random wildlife footage! 

Formerly a staff writer/producer for Nickelodeon,  I attend the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema in their MFA Directing Track. In other former lives, I completed an MFA in Art Practice from the School of Visual Arts, co-ran The Great and Terrible Collective of artists in Philadelphia, and a bunch of other things I’ll tell you all about over drinks. 

For the professional rundown, check out my LINKEDIN. For more off-the cuff creative flow, find me on INSTAGRAM.