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Hey Arnold Bubblegum Slime Shrine  (YouTube Spot)

Portrait of SpongeBob in condiments using a french fry as a paint brush (TikTok spot)

Hey Arnold Ice Cream Shrine (Instagram Post)

Rugrats/Spirit Halloween Promo (Facebook Spot)

25 Year Paper Anniversary Celebration

Sr. Writer/Producer: Liz Fodor
Head Writer: Josh Lay
Digital Writer/Producer: Dana M Osburn

Hand-cut paper stop motion animation for Nickelodeon's The Splat promoting the 25th Anniversary of animation at Nickelodeon.

Creative Marketing

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The Real Ages of The Rugrats’ Parents will SHOCK you (TV spot)

Creative Director: Erica Ottenberg
Director of Production: Joseph Pappalardo
Writer/Producer/Editor: Dana M. Osburn

Nick Rewind Official Rebrand (Omni-channel campaign) 

Creative Director: Erica Ottenberg
Director of Production: Joseph Pappalardo
Writer/Producer: Dana M. Osburn
Art Director: Bobby Houlihan
Sound Designer: Jay Pellizzi
Composer: Suzi Analogue
Editor: Mark Viglione

Concepted, shot, and sound designed a comprehensive brand look and multiplatform packaging for NickRewind, Nickelodeon's revamped Nostalgia offering. Art Director, Bobby Houlihan and I crafted a vision for integrating nostalgic objects with our iconic Nickelodeon IP to evoke the playful feeling of a time period from a contemporary perspective. We shot with several gallons of slime, yards and yards of Bubble Tape, heaps of Koosh Balls, and of course, clear plastic land line phones. The work lives across all of NickRewind's platforms, including linear television, YouTube, and social media.

Read more about this project on Promax! 

Win Your Week (Original YouTube Series)

Creative Director: Erica Ottenberg
Director of Production: Joseph Pappalardo
Writer/Producer: Dana M. Osburn
Editor: Mark Viglione

Win Your Week was a weekly destination on Nick’s YouTube for kids to get a taste of what’s trending on the internet and in their lives – all infused with a healthy dose of their favorite Nick Stars and shows. Our goal was to equip kids with the tips, info, and jokes they need to know to be the coolest kid in homeroom. To fulfill this goal, we engaged in constant conversation with our audience – serving interactive segments, and letting user comments directly drive creative. 

The series ran for 43 episodes and garnered Nickelodeon the Cynopsis Imagination Award for Best Tween Series Exclusively for a streaming platform.

Are You Afraid of the Dark - Limited Series Launch (Omnichannel Campaign)

I was the lead producer on this multi-platform campaign to reboot Nickelodeon’s iconic series. Among the more than 200 deliverables I oversaw was the official trailer, which exceeded 2 million YouTube view, and the on-air tune-in campaign. The reboot rated as the number one kids’ program in its timeslot with week-over-week growth and 90% audience retention from the lead in on premiere night.